How can I reach customer service?

 Please utilize any of the contact methods on our Contacts page. We have several contact options available for your convenience. 

If I have a billing issue, who do I contact?

Please contact the customer service department or your accounts receivables contact with billing issues or disputes.

I am having trouble tracking my shipment, who can help me?

We’re here to help! Just contact customer service and we will take great care of you, or use TrackIt, our shipment tracking tool.

Does Carlile offer “Over the Road” service?

Carlile has two “Over the Road” regularly scheduled services available: The Carlile Alas-Can Express and the Carlile Arctic Express.

  • The AlCan Express is for general dry freight between Canada, the Lower 48 (especially Texas) and Alaska.
  • The Carlile Arctic Express is a freeze, chill and dry service between Alaska and our Tacoma (Seattle), Washington terminal.

How do I file a claim?

For instructions on how to file a claim and additional claim information, please visit our Claims page