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  • Immediate delivery receipts with real-time email notifications of freight deliveries making for faster invoicing (include multiple email addresses to save time and improve efficiency)
  • Real-time notifications of freight deliveries also available via Carlile Customer Portal
  • Improved, paperless workflow allows for more efficient pickups and deliveries
  • No lost delivery receipts. Electronic copies are sent in real-time
  • Go Green solution eliminates waste and supports Carlile’s overall commitment to protect our environment



Q: Check or change who is set up to get the EPOD Notifications and Emails

A: The POD’s will be delivered to the email address(es) that are specified. Your ePOD documentation will be uploaded online into your Company Customer Portal.
UPDATE/ADD/DELETE/CHANGE email address? Add emails in the form provided above. To update or delete email addresses, call your sales representative or Customer Service at 1-800-478-1853.

Q: Package is damaged during shipping or delivery

A: When a driver delivers your freight they will be able to mark real-time damages and take pictures and make notes during the time of delivery. This allows for clearer documentation and faster response time.

Q: Discovering a missing piece, damaged package, or damaged content after the driver has left

A: We ask that you take photos of the damaged package and contents. Call and/or email our customer service desk immediately and we will be able to help access in processing the request manually. Phone 1-800-478-1853, Email: CustomerService@carlile.biz

Q: Cellular service and wi-fi isn’t available for the driver to use at my location

A: The ePOD app is designed to collect delivery information and signatures regardless of the connectivity strength. The app will connect and send your Proof of Delivery documentation when connectivity becomes available.