Employee Focused: Vaccination Event

April 20, 2021

Carlile Transporation is not only an employee-focused company but also safety-driven.

Carlile took action early in the pandemic, following all CDC recommendations, increasing cleaning, distributing PPE, and assisting employees to work remotely when possible.

Safety is one of Carlile’s core values – nothing is more important than keeping our employees, customers, and communities safe. Offering an on-site vaccination event to help our essential supply-chain workers that work around the clock stay safe was an easy decision to make. As an employee-focused company, Carlile teamed up with Conquer Covid Coalition to offer an on-site vaccination event for all employees and their families.

“When companies have employees moving around as much as truckers do, President Terry Howard said it can be harder for them to find time to make an appointment and then be available to actually make it to the appointment with their delivery schedules.” (Quote taken from an interview with Alaska News Source)

We are one of the first businesses to schedule the vaccine event for our employees and families when it was offered by the Conquer COVID Coalition. By nature, people trust their employer and we wanted to offer the vaccine at a familiar location. We’ve already scheduled a second vaccine event here in May so that our employees and their families have the opportunity to become fully vaccinated.

Offering an on-site vaccination clinic has allowed Carlile to emphasize both their employee focus and their safety-driven mission.

To continue to read more and watch the video about the vaccination clinic at Carlile Transportation, click here.