Above All

Safety is the cornerstone of Carlile’s success – for customers, employees and their families. This commitment is delivered by every Carlile employee no matter where they work or what they do. Safety is more than a slogan, it’s Carlile’s ultimate mission: to make sure every employee goes home unharmed to their family at the end of each shift.


Carlile employees continually train for all kinds of safety scenarios and are empowered with Stop Work Authority. This means that if any member of the Carlile team – regardless of their position – observes what they believe to be unsafe behavior or activities, they have the power to stop all activities so our safety team can assess the situation.


Carlile invests in the technology and training to make sure its operations do not harm our employees or the people we serve. From drug testing, mandatory rest breaks and real-time truck and driver monitoring systems, we do everything possible to make sure we deliver safely mile after mile.

Our safety compliance and monitoring is just as robust off the road, including a comprehensive set of strict programs and protocols at all of our terminals, yards, dock and warehouse facilities. If Carlile operates the space, employees and visitors are required to follow safety specific safety guidelines.

Nothing is more important than keeping our employees, customers and communities safe.