Carlile's Prudhoe Bay Trucking Terminal

Carlile Transportation has an Alaskan shipping and trucking terminal near you in Prudhoe Bay. Each of Carlile’s Alaskan trucking and shipping terminals allows us the capabilities to transfer LTL and bulk shipments, coordinate shipment and Alaskan logistics, route cargo, and facilitate all your cargo and heavy haul shipping to Prudhoe Bay, AK needs and to the Lower 48.

Carlile’s Prudhoe Bay shipping terminal also serves as a MyConnect package pick-up location for residents nearby. MyConnect is a business-to-consumer, ship-to-Prudhoe Bay solution that forwards retail packages from retailers in the lower 48 to a Carlile terminal near you even when your favorite retailer says it can’t be done.

Through continuous improvement and technological advancements, we offer electronic proof of delivery (ePOD), MyConnect, online payment portals and accounts, and more. If you are looking to haul something from Houston to Anchorage or ship a package from Florida to Fairbanks, please contact Carlile with any shipping questions.

Prudhoe Bay Shipping Terminal Address:

Prudhoe Bay Trucking Terminal Receiving Hours:

Mon – Sun: 6:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Prudhoe Bay MyConnect Package Pick-up Hours:

Mon – Sun: 6:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Shipping to Prudhoe Bay, AK & MyConnect FAQs

How do I track my retail packages being forwarded to Prudhoe Bay?
Tracking shipments from your retailer to a MyConnect Terminal

Use the tracking information provided by your retailer to track your shipment until it is delivered to Carlile MyConnect in Tacoma, WA.

Tracking shipments from MyConnect to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska

You will receive a notification once your items are received by Carlile MyConnect in Tacoma, WA. Log in to your MyConnect account for tracking information until your item reaches its destination in Prudhoe Bay.

How do I estimate the cost of forwarding a retail package to Prudhoe Bay, AK?

Please use the MyConnect Shipping Quote calculator to estimate the cost of shipping your packages to the Prudhoe Bay terminal. Please note that you will need the shipping dimensions and weight to get the most accurate estimate.

Please note that actual charges are based on verified shipping specifications once we receive your items at our Tacoma, WA shipping terminal.

Does MyConnect forward only online purchases to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska?

You can shop by phone or catalog in addition to online when using MyConnect to forward packages to Prudhoe Bay. 

Regardless of the way your order or which retailer you purchase from, be sure to use your MyConnect shipping address so that Carlile can forward your package to Prudhoe Bay from Tacoma, WA.  

How do I pick up my package once its been forwarded to Prudhoe Bay?

When you arrive at the Prudhoe Bay terminal, simply head toward the warehouse and a skilled MyConnect employee will retrieve your package and direct you accordingly.

How and when do I pay for my shipment to Prudhoe Bay, AK?

Once your purchase arrives in Tacoma, WA, you will receive a notification. This is also when your shipping charges to Prudhoe Bay are confirmed based on your package’s dimensions. 

You can pay for your Prudhoe Bay shipment by logging in to your MyConnect account. After payment is received, your shipment will be forwarded for easy pick-up. 

What kind of retail items can I have forwarded to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska?

We’ve shipped items of all sorts of items to Prudhoe Bay through MyConnect. Everything from bed frames and baby cribs to tires and engines – we’ve even shipped flame throwers.  

You can ship a variety of goods to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. MyConnect helps you forward retail packages to Prudhoe Bay even when your favorite retailers including IKEA, Pier 1 Imports, and Wayfair say no. 

Does MyConnect prohibit anything from being forwarded to the Prudhoe Bay Terminal?

The following items are prohibited and will not be accepted for MyConnect shipments to Prudhoe Bay: 

  • Firearms 
  • Jewelry, furs, and precious metals 
  • Fireworks 
  • Illegal drugs 
  • Live animals 
  • Temperature–controlled / perishable freight 
  • Coins, currency, stocks, bonds, or cash equivalents 
Will MyConnect forward auto part orders to Prudhoe Bay, AK?

Absolutely! Carlile MyConnect will ship custom builds or OEM parts to Prudhoe Bay from a long list of popular retailers. 

When you sign up for a MyConnect account, you will get a Carlile address in Tacoma, WA.  You’ll use the Tacoma address instead of your Prudhoe Bay address. Once your package is received in Tacoma, the dimensions will be verified and the shipping cost will be confirmed.  Once payment is received, MyConnect will forward your package to Prudhoe Bay from our Tacoma Terminal.

Can I get Wayfair packages forwarded to Prudhoe Bay with Carlile MyConnect?

100% guaranteed! MyConnect will forward Wayfair packages to Prudhoe Bay for pickup.

Simply use your MyConnect address instead of your address when ordering from a retailer and Carlile’s team has it covered – they’ll make sure that your order gets shipped to the Prudhoe Bay terminal.

Can I have orders forwarded to Prudhoe Bay with Carlile MyConnect?

Yes, MyConnect will forward your shipments to Prudhoe Bay, AK for easy pickup.

Simply, use your MyConnect address instead of your Prudhoe Bay home address when ordering from and Carlile will ensure it gets forwarded safely to our Prudhoe Bay, AK package pick-up terminal. 

Can I have packages from Pier One Imports forwarded to Prudhoe Bay, AK?

YES, you can! MyConnect forwards packages to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska!

Instead of using your Prudhoe Bay home address when ordering from Pier One Imports, use the MyConnect address in Tacoma and we will forward it to our Prudhoe Bay package pick-up terminal for easy pick-up at your convenience!

Will Carlile's MyConnect ship IKEA packages to the Prudhoe Bay terminal?

Absolutely! MyConnect will forward IKEA packages from our Tacoma, WA terminal to our Prudhoe Bay, AK terminal for easy pick-up. 

Use your MyConnect shipping address when completing your order with IKEA and when it arrives at the Carlile Terminal in Tacoma, WA, we’ll notify you of the finalized shipping cost. Once payment has been submitted, we’ll forward your package to the Prudhoe Bay terminal for pick up. 

Can I have packages from shipped to Prudhoe Bay?

You bet! Shop online and have your auto parts shipped to Prudhoe Bay with Carlile MyConnect.

Just use your MyConnect shipping address (instead of your Prudhoe Bay home or business address) anytime you make a purchase with Parts Geek and MyConnect will deliver your items to the Prudhoe Bay terminal for easy pick-up. 

Can I place an order with Joss & Main and get it forwarded to the Prudhoe Bay shipping terminal?

It’s our specialty! If you are shopping for furniture or home decor, use your Carlile MyConnect shipping address in Tacoma to have your shipments forwarded to the Prudhoe Bay terminal. 

What retailers allow MyConnect to ship packages from Tacoma, WA to Prudhoe Bay AK?

The complete list of retailers who will work with MyConnect to have packages forwarded to Prudhoe Bay is long, however, please see below for a list of the most popular: 

  1. IKEA
  2. NAPA
  3. Xerox
  4. Metrie
  5. Staples
  6. Wayfair
  7. Wesco
  8. Anixter
  9. Hilcorp
  10. Conoco
  11. Grainger
  12. O’Reilly’s
  13. Carquest
  14. PartsGeek 
  15. Walgreens
  16. Scan Home
  17. Rodda Paint
  18. Home Depot
  19. Overstock
  20. Keller Supply
  21. Holiday Station
  22. Pier 1 Imports
  23. Alyeska Pipeline
  24. SteamDot Coffee
  25. East Penn Manufacturing / Deka Batteries

Have questions about a retailer that is not on this list? Contact us with any questions about package forwarding to Prudhoe Bay, AK, and speak with someone in Customer Service!

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