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Contact & Shipping Terminals

Connecting Alaska to the WorldContact Carlile Transportation Today!

There are many reasons to choose Carlile Transportation for your Alaskan trucking and logistics needs. We are committed to delivering exceptional service and support, customized solutions, and transparent communication throughout the process. We have a proven track record of delivering outstanding results for our clients and are dedicated to helping them achieve their goals. We also offer competitive pricing and flexible payment options to make our services accessible to businesses of all sizes.

For 40 Years, Carlile has been working hard at connecting Alaska to the world. Our Customer Service team is available to provide friendly, professional shipping logistics, expertise, and support. Have a question about our Alaskan shipping services or need help locating one of our Alaskan shipping terminals?

Contact us with any questions today!

Dedicated Department Teams at Your Service

Each department at Carlile is committed to ensuring smooth, efficient, and reliable services. Whether it’s a query, concern, or need for assistance, reach out to our dedicated teams, ready to steer your shipping endeavors to success.

Customer Service

We take pride in our customer service. If you have questions, concerns, or need assistance, contact Customer Service.

Quality Assurance

If you have questions regarding your shipping or logistics invoice, statement, or bill, please contact Quality Assurance.

Compliance & Safety

Our compliance and safety department is responsible for overseeing all aspects of shipping logistics.

Sales Department

Carlile’s logistics team is here to help with customized cargo and freight solutions. Contact our sales team with any questions about your project.

Human Resources

The HR Team is committed to Carlile’s mission and is always looking out for the team to ensure that we consistently provide logistics solutions.

Are you looking for a job? We are hiring, apply today! 

Carlile Transportation Locations

Carlile has woven a vast and strategic network of trucking and shipping terminals, seamlessly bridging the majestic terrains of Alaska with crucial hubs in the mainland and beyond. This deliberate placement ensures that, regardless of your shipping point or destination, our footprint is ever-present, ready to cater to your logistic needs with unparalleled efficiency. Our expansive presence means we’re always within reach, primed to connect your freight with its next destination.

Your Gateway to Alaska and Beyond

There are countless reasons to select Carlile Transportation for your diverse Alaskan trucking and logistics needs. With over four decades of unmatched experience, we promise exceptional service, bespoke solutions, and crystal-clear communication throughout your shipping journey.

Strategically Located Throughout Alaska & Beyond! Trucking & Shipping Terminals

Carlile's Trucking & Logistics Services

LTL Freight Experts in Alaska

LTL Freight

To Alaska

Carlile Transportation is
an expert in shipping LTL
to and from Alaska.
Government Contract Transportation in Alaska


To Alaska

Local, state and federal
agencies turn to Carlile
for DOD moves.
Hazmat and Bulk Cargo in Alaska

Hazmat & Bulk

To Alaska

Carlile’s track record
for Bulk and Hazmat
cargo is second to none.
Heavy Haul Trucking in Alaska

Heavy Haul

To Alaska

Carlile has Heavy
Haul Equipment
and is ready to deliver.
Logistics Services - Carlile Transportation


To Alaska

Carlile has the logistics
expertise to deliver
reliable solutions.
Retail Package Forwarding Service to Alaska - MyConnect


To Alaska

A consumer package
forwarding solution
for Alaska.

Why Choose Carlile? A Legacy of Excellence

As a beacon in the Alaska logistics landscape for 40 years, Carlile seamlessly connects Alaska to the world.

Our team stands by to offer expert, friendly shipping logistics assistance, ensuring your queries about our Alaskan shipping services and our strategically located terminals are addressed promptly.

Embrace Opportunity: Join the Carlile Family

If you’re ready to steer your career on an exciting path, you’ve navigated to the right harbor!

Explore our career opportunities for the latest Alaskan truck driving and office opportunities.

Be part of a company that values safety, reliability, and innovation.

Alaskan Shipping & Trucking Careers

Carlile Transportation: Steering Alaska’s Logistic Dreams

At Carlile, we cherish shared values of safety, reliability, and unwavering dedication to our organization and community. Seek a rewarding, long-term career in trucking and logistics with us, and drive Alaska’s logistic dreams to reality.

Alaska Shipping Terminals

We have 9 terminal locations for shipping including Alaska, Minnesota, Washington, and Texas. Whether you are shipping hazmat materials from Houston to Fairbanks, Carlile's Alaskan shipping terminals and Alaskan shipping services will deliver your freight and packages safely to their destination.







Prudhoe Bay


Carlile Transportation Locations & Contact Information FAQs

Why should I choose Carlile Transportation for my Alaskan trucking and logistics needs?

Carlile Transportation is committed to delivering exceptional service, customized solutions, and transparent communication. With over 40 years of experience, we offer competitive pricing, flexible payment options, and a proven track record of outstanding results.

How can I contact Carlile Transportation's Customer Service team?

You can contact our Customer Service team via email at or call us at 907-276-7797.

Where is Carlile Transportation's main headquarters located?

Anchored in Anchorage, our main headquarters is at 1800 East 1st Avenue, Anchorage, AK 99501.

What are the operating hours for Customer Service?

Our Customer Service operates Monday – Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm AKST.

How does Carlile ensure the quality of its services?

Carlile has dedicated departments such as Quality Assurance, Compliance and Safety, and Sales that oversee various aspects of our Alaskan shipping services to ensure smooth, efficient, and reliable operations.

I'm interested in working at Carlile. How can I apply?

We are always looking for dedicated individuals to join our team. You can explore our career opportunities and apply through our careers section.

How many terminal locations does Carlile have and where are they located?

Carlile has a network of 9 terminal locations strategically located in Alaska and other crucial hubs in the mainland and beyond.

What specialized services does Carlile Transportation offer?
What is Carlile's track record in handling Hazmat and Bulk Cargo?

Carlile is renowned for its Hazmat and Bulk Cargo expertise, with a track record that stands out in safety and efficiency.

How does Carlile serve the Government's transportation needs?

Carlile works with local, state, and federal agencies for Government DOD moves, ensuring reliable and safe transportation.

Does Carlile offer package forwarding solutions for consumers in Alaska?

Yes, we offer MyConnect, a consumer package forwarding solution specially designed for Alaska.

What industries does Carlile serve with their shipping and logistics services?

We provide pivotal support to Alaska’s Oil & Gas sector, facilitate the intricate demands of Mining logistics, and proudly serve the logistics needs of our Military. Additionally, our services extend to the Construction sector, ensuring the timely delivery of essential materials.

Our commitment doesn’t stop there; we play an integral role in the Healthcare sector by ensuring critical supplies reach their destinations, and we support the pulse of Alaska’s economy by servicing the Retail industry.

Each industry benefits from our unparalleled commitment to safety, adaptability, and efficient service.