What Furniture Stores Ship To Alaska?

April 22, 2024

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • The Reality of Shipping to Alaska
  • Furniture Stores That Ship to Alaska
  • Alternative Solutions: Alaska-Based Furniture Makers
  • The Carlile Connect Solution
  • Conclusion
  • Key Takeaways

Alaska, known for its vast wilderness and remote communities, poses significant challenges for shipping, especially large items like furniture. The state’s unique geographical features, including its extensive coastline and rugged terrain, often complicate the logistics of transportation. This situation leaves Alaskans with a pressing question: what furniture stores ship to Alaska?

The issue of shipping furniture to Alaska is more complex than in other states. The sheer distance, unpredictable weather, and limited access routes contribute to the complexity. These factors not only discourage many furniture stores from offering shipping to Alaska but also lead to higher shipping costs for those that do. Residents of Alaska are all too familiar with the phrase “We do not ship to Alaska,” a common disclaimer on many furniture retailers’ websites.

The Reality of Shipping to Alaska


Shipping furniture to Alaska is not a straightforward task for many retailers. The state’s geographical isolation and the complexities of its transportation infrastructure present significant logistical challenges. Retailers often face higher costs and increased risks when shipping to Alaska. These include the need for specialized packaging to withstand long transit times and potential weather-related delays. As a result, many furniture stores and online retailers opt out of offering the ability to ship to Alaska.


Statistics and anecdotal evidence illustrate the extent of these challenges. Shipping fees can be prohibitively expensive, sometimes exceeding the cost of the furniture itself. For example, a standard sofa shipped to Anchorage or Fairbanks can incur shipping fees several times higher than shipping the same item to a location in the contiguous United States. This pricing often deters customers in Alaska from purchasing furniture from lower 48 retailers.


The limited number of shipping routes and carriers willing to undertake these deliveries further complicates the situation. The transportation infrastructure and cargo flights are among the few options available, and these come with their own set of limitations and higher costs.


The Few Who Do: Furniture Stores That Ship to Alaska


Despite these challenges, a few furniture stores have made the effort to provide shipping services to Alaska. These stores have developed strategies to overcome the logistical hurdles and offer a range of furniture to Alaskan residents.


Old Cannery Furniture Warehouse is a notable example. They ship their products via Boyer Barge and other carriers, adapting to the unique shipping requirements of Alaska. Their commitment to serving Alaskan customers has made them a popular choice for those living in remote areas.


Another retailer, Coleman Furniture, offers a solution with a longer lead time. They provide a delivery timeline of 8-12 weeks for Alaskan orders. This extended timeframe accommodates the additional complexities when you want to get packages shipped to Alaska.


Costco also features in the list of retailers shipping to Alaska. They offer a variety of shipping options, allowing customers in Alaska to access their wide range of furniture. Although shipping fees and delivery times can vary, Costco’s presence in the Alaskan market provides more choices for residents looking to furnish their homes.


These examples highlight that, despite the challenges, some retailers are committed to serving Alaskan customers. They provide valuable options for those looking to purchase furniture without the added hassle of exorbitant shipping fees and uncertain delivery times.

Alternative Solutions: Alaska-Based Furniture Makers


For many, local solutions often prove to be the most practical. Alaska-based furniture makers offer an appealing alternative to ordering from the lower 48 states. These local artisans understand the challenges and nuances of living and shipping within Alaska. 


Several Alaska-based furniture makers have gained recognition for their quality and reliability. These craftsmen and craftswomen use locally sourced materials, which reduces shipping costs and supports the local economy. Their designs often reflect the natural beauty and ruggedness of Alaska, making each piece a unique addition to any home.


Purchasing from these local makers means shorter delivery times and often, more personalized service. They offer a range of styles, from rustic to modern, ensuring that Alaskans do not have to compromise on variety or quality. This approach not only solves the logistical issues of shipping but also promotes local businesses, contributing to the state’s economy.

The Carlile Connect Solution


Carlile Connect is a reliable shipping option for Alaskans facing challenges in transporting furniture. This service bridges the gap between large online retailers and the unique shipping requirements of Alaska. Carlile Connect specializes in handling the complexities of Alaskan logistics, providing a streamlined process for shipping furniture and other large items.


One specific example is the ease of buying from Wayfair and shipping to Alaska through Carlile Connect. Customers can select from Wayfair’s extensive catalog of furniture and home goods. Carlile Connect then manages the logistics of transporting these items to Alaska. This partnership simplifies the process for Alaskan residents, offering a broader range of choices without the typical shipping constraints.


The benefits of using Carlile Connect are significant. They offer competitive shipping rates, which can substantially lower the overall cost of furniture purchases. Their expertise in Alaskan transportation ensures that items are delivered in a timely and safe manner. This service provides a convenient and reliable solution for those in Alaska wanting to access a wider variety of furniture options.


Get started today with Carlile Connect and make your furniture dreams come true.


Key Takeaways

  • Challenges of Shipping Furniture to Alaska: Alaska’s unique geography and infrastructure make shipping large items like furniture complex and often costly.
  • High Shipping Costs: Many furniture stores avoid shipping to Alaska due to high costs and logistical challenges, often leading to limited options for Alaskan residents.
  • Retailers That Ship to Alaska: A few stores, such as Old Cannery Furniture Warehouse, Coleman Furniture, and Costco, offer shipping services to Alaska, each with their own methods and timeframes.
  • Local Furniture Makers as an Alternative: Buying from Alaska-based furniture makers can be more practical, offering shorter delivery times and supporting the local economy.
  • Carlile Connect Solution: Carlile Connect provides a reliable shipping option for Alaskans, especially for purchases from Wayfair, by managing the complex logistics of Alaskan transportation.
  • Benefits of Using Carlile Connect: Competitive rates, timely and safe delivery, and access to a broader range of furniture options are among the advantages of using Carlile Connect for shipping to Alaska