Why Carlile Is a Great Place to Work

April 6, 2023

Carlile is Alaska’s leading trucking and logistics company, driven by best-of-the-best experts committed to safe and reliable shipping across Alaska and beyond.

We’re looking for qualified truck drivers for both our line and local route sectors in Alaska and the contiguous U.S., which we Alaskans refer to as “the Lower 48.”

Our line drivers in the Lower 48 run the routes between Houston, Texas, and Tacoma, Washington, or Houston and Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. In Alaska, our line drivers operate between Tacoma and Anchorage or between Anchorage and northern points, including the Arctic oil fields at the very top of Alaska.

Our local drivers operate within one community and its surrounding areas, making deliveries on routes that can be different day-to-day. Their cargo can also differ.

So, the distinction is a line driver begins at one terminal and ends at another, whereas a local driver begins and ends at the same terminal every day. Drivers prefer one or the other for the different advantages and benefits each offer.

For starters, where someone wants to live is a major factor. Many local drivers choose to work a local route because they can be home every night. Our Lower 48 line and local drivers prefer to live in Texas or Washington and are proficient at navigating interstate highways thick with traffic and the streets of large cities. Our Alaska local drivers can live and work in the state’s largest metro area, Anchorage, or in a beautiful, small community, such as Kodiak, known for offering the world’s best hunting and fishing.

So, a major factor in every truck driver’s career choice is lifestyle.

“Carlile has been a solid foundation of employment for 22 years, providing my family and me with financial stability and access to the best medical care through a competitive benefits package,” said Local Driver Tim Rogers.

Line drivers who work the routes north of the Lower 48 get to drive the open – and often empty – two-lane wilderness highways through British Columbia, Yukon Territory, and Alaska. They also drive what Alaskans refer to as “the haul road,” part of the route that runs 414 miles from just north of Fairbanks to Deadhorse, above the Arctic Circle.

These drivers see regions of our world very few people ever get the chance to visit, and they also have a fixed schedule, reliable work, and higher pay. They become familiar with the route, giving them an increased sense of safety and confidence. In fact, every Carlile rig is connected to an entire support team via always-on satellite communications. So, no matter the weather or time of year, we’re able to rapidly dispatch a crew of expert mechanics, parts and other assistance if needed.

In addition, Carlile invests in ensuring we always have a low-mileage, late-model fleet of outstanding vehicles and a diverse equipment pool. Our drivers are behind the wheels of Kenworths, Western Stars, and Freightliners that are reliable, comfortable, and safe. They also get to train up and choose what type of rig they want to drive because we offer it all, from reefers and bulk liquid to heavy-haul and dry powder.

If you love driving, this is the place for you.

In addition to the high pay, supportive team, and gorgeous working environment, Carlile provides a full suite of benefits and perks. You can read the full list on our website here, but on top of offering great retirement, health insurance, and more, like pet insurance, we want our employees to move up the ladder. Carlile offers several career-development programs to help you get the education, certifications, and opportunities to be whatever you set your sights on. Part of that is the opportunity to train with the pros.

There’s nothing like sitting next to a mentor who has been driving the Last Frontier for years. We love to host employees and their families at get-togethers throughout the year, from summer barbecues to Truck Drivers Appreciation Week, and it’s not uncommon in Alaska to see someone wearing a tee shirt, hat or jacket that states, “Carlile.” That’s because our people have great pride in being part of this team.

“Working at Carlile has exposed me to opportunities beyond my belief,” said Vice President Jeremy Miller. “In my 23 years with the company, I have loaded planes, worked on the dock, driven trucks all across the state of Alaska, and had the privilege of working in every Carlile terminal.  This company believes in investing in its greatest asset, its people, to grow their potential and opportunities.”

Whether your idea of traffic is rush hour on Interstate 5 or a herd of caribou north in Alaska, Carlile is a great choice for a lifelong career that gives you the chance to work with a legendary team while earning excellent pay.

If you want more than a job… if you want a career filled with adventure… if you want to love going to work every day… then let’s talk so that we can get your Carlile career on the road.