Is Holiday Shipping to Alaska Really That Hard?

November 15, 2021

It won’t be long before the jingle of bells on Santa’s sleigh fills the night air, or maybe the jingle of mom’s car keys as she hauls an armful of presents from the store to hide in the garage. There’s no question that this is the biggest shopping season of the year. With an already strained logistics infrastructure, the stress and strain of holiday shipping to Alaska will seem like an insurmountable obstacle to some. For others, like Carlile, this is an opportunity to spread some holiday cheer of their own.

What is the Origin of the Term Black Friday?

The biggest shopping day of the year historically takes place the day after the Thanksgiving holiday. The narrative today about Black Friday is that this is the day when retailers finally move from the red ink of barely scraping by to the black ink of earning a profit. This is not exactly the actual story, however, as the term “Black Friday” was used historically on many occasions to describe a calamity of some kind.

Though the origins of the term are in some dispute, there’s no confusion about what it means to us today. A Black Friday Sale is even internationally recognized as a day when customers expect big discounts. As COVID has sidelined many holiday plans for many people, retailers have followed suit by canceling or moving their own holiday sales to encompass the entire season, while increasing their online presence. 

Is Shipping To Alaska Difficult? 

The lower 48 states’ logistics systems are set up with tightly controlled shipping routes that enable customers in those states to enjoy free next-day shipping from many big retailers. When it comes to shipping to Alaska, there is the requirement for multiple modes of transportation. Items are shipped, trucked, and flown up daily. Only after they arrive are they able to be sorted and distributed to the correct communities and retailers. Shipping to Alaska is not difficult, it just takes logistic experts and a little extra time.

What’s the Best Way to Ship to Alaska?

The USPS charges the same rates no matter where you ship in the US, but that is rarely the faster or most efficient way of shipping things. One of the best options available for consumers needing holiday shipping to Alaska is Carlile MyConnect, a service that allows you to use Carlile’s many years of experience with shipping to and within Alaska as a great way to meet your shipping needs.

How Does Carlile MyConnect Work?

It’s extremely easy to ship to Alaska using Carlile MyConnect. You create an account within Carlile’s MyConnect, and then have your lower-48 items shipped to Carlile’s address in Washington state. After that, Carlile MyConnect will let you know how much the actual shipping charges will be, and your item is off to Alaska! 

If you run into issues with retailers not shipping to Alaska, or wanting a surcharge to ship because of your Alaska address, run a quote with Carlile MyConnect. 

Set up your own Carlile MyConnect account today.