What Is LTL Freight Shipping?

September 21, 2021

When a company has goods to ship over the road, they might not have enough to fill an entire truck trailer. It makes financial and logistical sense for customers to only pay for the portion of trailer space that their specific load requires. A combination of small loads from multiple customers can be combined into one full load for a shipping service like Carlile Transport. 

LTL Shipping & Hauling - Carlile Transportation

What’s the Difference Between Parcel Shipping and LTL

There are roughly three sizes of shipment: parcel freight, LTL, and FTL. Parcel shipping is for loads smaller than 100 lbs and can be handled by one of the many parcel-focused shipping companies, including the US Postal Service. 

Just as you wouldn’t hire an entire truck trailer for a single letter or package, you don’t need to hire an entire trailer for a load that does not require it. LTL is the perfect solution for these shipments that are not large enough for FTL but also too big for parcel shipping.

What is the Difference Between LTL and FTL?

As with the difference between parcel and LTL shipping, the difference between LTL and FTL (full truckload) comes down to size. An FTL shipment is just what it sounds like: a shipment that, due to its size or other factors, requires an entire truckload for its transportation. While weight or space are the primary concerns for many, a customer might prefer to use full freight for shipments that might be smaller but, due to their value or importance, might merit the use of an entire truck.

Does Carlile Transportation Offer LTL Shipping?

Carlile Transport logistics and warehouse teams know how to prioritize shipments to get them delivered safely, economically, and on time. These features, and more, are what customers can expect:

  • Fully integrated transportation and logistics solutions
  • Dry and refrigerated goods between Alaska and the contiguous U.S. and Canada
  • Optimized container loads
  • Package Express Program

Moreover, Carlile understands how to overcome Alaska’s extreme conditions, creating solutions that satisfy demanding schedules with unparalleled service for the long haul. For more information on how Carlile Transport can help you meet your logistical needs, get in touch today.