Synthetic Dunnage: A Sustainable Trucking Initiative

May 27, 2024

Carlile’s 2021 Sustainable Synthetic Dunnage Initiative Lives On in 2024

Building the perfect cargo load requires expertise and the right tools to keep items safe and secure for the journey ahead.

What is dunnage in trucking and shipping?

Dunnage is the durable padding material used to protect goods during shipping. Long wooden blocks are traditionally used as dunnage during shipping and are generally discarded by customers after delivery. But Carlile’s Synthetic Dunnage Trucking Initiative has minimized waste by replacing wood dunnage with a synthetic, sustainable alternative.

Returnable Dunnage: Synthetic Dunnage Can Be Re-Used Multiple Times

Made from recycled plastics, the new synthetic dunnage provides the strength and durability needed by load crews, and the blocks can be used over and over again. The blocks are dark in color and imprinted with the Carlile logo, so customers can easily identify them and set them aside so they can be picked up and reused.

Synthetic Dunnage - Alaska Shipping & Trucking

How You Can Help

Carlile’s investment in synthetic dunnage will help the environment by reducing the demand for real, natural wood. You can help by making sure synthetic blocks are kept in a designated area so Carlile can pick them up and reuse them.

Every delivery will track the quantity of synthetic dunnage used and left behind (indicated on the bill of lading). This allows Carlile to manage its inventory and utilization of dunnage. Please note that repeated instances of missing dunnage may result in replacement fees.

For 40 Years, Carlile Transportation has been working hard at connecting Alaska to the world. We are dedicated to providing friendly, professional shipping logistics, expertise, and support, including the use of new technology and products that help minimize our environmental footprint. Our Synthetic Dunnage initiative is one of the ways that we are working towards making a positive impact on our environment.


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