What is Security Protective Service and How Does it Work?

February 22, 2022

The US Department of Defense is just like any large organization in that it often needs to move large amounts of large things from one part of the country to the other. There are also a few ways in which they are unlike other organizations with shipping needs, which is when an expert like Carlile comes in very handy. 

Shipping With Safety and Security

The government doesn’t mince words, so if you want to know what SPS is, just look at the words: Security and Protection.

Security Services

  • Transportation Protective Service (TPS), which requires carriers to provide a qualified driver or other representatives to maintain constant visual surveillance of a shipment during transportation
  • Security Escort Vehicles (SEV), a Transportation Protective Service that requires a carrier to provide two drivers riding in a single escort vehicle to maintain constant surveillance of a vehicle containing a shipment that requires it. 
  • Satellite Motor Surveillance Service (SNS), which requires carriers to provide vehicle location reports to the Defense Transportation Tracking System and for two-way communications devices to provide vehicle status changes and emergency notifications. This system allows both the carrier and the Department of Defense to track the location of sensitive shipments.

Protection Services

  • Dual Driver Protective Service (DDP) consists of two drivers, both of who are in the process of obtaining, or have obtained, a SECRET security clearance. The purpose of a security clearance is to allow access to classified national security information. 
  • Protective Tarping Services (PTS) means that Carlile Transportation will cover any shipment with tarps to avoid revealing the classified nature of the shipment, or where the shipper specifically request PTS due to the nature of the transported goods in question. Carlile can ensure a load is completely covered by a properly fitted tarpaulin. The government requires that the tarp to be both waterproof and fire-resistant.

Secure Services for Alaska

Whether your project is across Alaska, North America, or even beyond, Carlile has the logistics expertise and equipment to deliver proven results for defense contractors and government organizations, including extensive experience with the Department of Defense. To see what Carlile can do for your secure shipping needs, get in touch with us today.