What is Freight Forwarding?

February 10, 2022

Freight forwarding is a service that organizes tasks for moving cargo from location to location across the world. Typically, this process involves sending freight to a port, completing customs documentation, drayage to another terminal or consignee, ensuring it arrives safely and on time. 


Because logistics from, say, the lower 48 states to Alaska, can be complex and confusing to a consumer – the expertise from a freight forwarder can make the entire process simple and easy.


Freight forwarders work to connect the global supply chain and make trade more efficient. They know customs regulations (when shipping internationally and/or over the water or across borders), local and federal regulations, and different shipping requirements. 


In addition to all of this, freight forwarders can manage the many complex risks that may come with any shipment. Whether you’re looking for a truck to transport your goods, or a shipper to handle the paperwork, freight-forwarding companies can help you make the most out of your shipping experience.


Package Forwarding to Alaska

Whether your project is in Alaska, North America, or beyond, Carlile has the logistics expertise and equipment to deliver seamless and reliable solutions including package forwarding. With the innovative approach of Carlile MyConnect, shipping to Alaska is easier than ever before.


MyConnect is a simple, easy way to ship almost anything to Alaska from the lower 48–it is a great example of how package forwarding works. With MyConnect, customers send their packages to Carlile’s address in Tacoma, Washington, and we take care of the rest. Freight forwarding in action!



Carlile MyConnect Benefits

Carlile is your Alaska shipping expert. Whether you are looking to ship something for your business, large or small, or a personal package from your favorite retailer – Carlile offers your shipping solution. 


#1: One benefit of using Carlile’s Alaskan freight forwarding service, Carlile MyConnect, is that you can get items shipped from retailers that otherwise say “we do not ship to Alaska”. 


#2: The second benefit is that Carlile is the expert on shipping anything, large or small, to Alaska. Carlile has ships, planes, trains, and trucks carrying cargo and freight to Alaska every day. This means a faster package delivery when compared to other Alaskan freight forwarding solutions.