Blended Fuel Surcharge

Carlile has implemented a blended fuel surcharge on all shipments originating from our Tacoma, WA, terminal to account for the increasing costs of fuel for deliveries on the road system in Alaska. The blended FSC will be charged on a percentage based on the distance from the port of Alaska to the destination. The Blended rates will take into account the over-the-water fuel surcharge and the west coast diesel average.

The blended fuel surcharge percentage will be rounded to the closest quarter percentage. (.00%, 0.25%, 0.50% or 0.75%)

Blended Fuel Surcharge Map Zones
ZoneLaneOcean %Trucking %Blended FSC
1Tacoma dock to Zone 1100%0%33
2Tacoma dock to Zone 290.0%10.0%33.5
3Tacoma dock to Zone 384.0%16.0%34
4Tacoma dock to Zone 474.6%25.4%34.5
5Tacoma dock to Zone 543.6%56.4%36.5