Package Express Calculator – Anchorage/Fairbanks

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Enter quantities and dimensions for up to 3 items to generate an estimated Package Express shipping cost. Please contact our shipping department at 800-478-1853 for shipments:

  1. Shipment must be tendered for carriage at Carlile's facility in Tacoma, Washington.
  2. Shipment must be clearly marked on the bill of lading as requesting "Package Express" service.
  3. In Alaska, shipments must be received by consignor as "will call" at a Carlile facility in Alaska. No delivery services will be performed in conjunction with Package Express service at any time.
  4. A singe shipment may not exceed twenty (20) cubic feet in total size or two-hundred (200) pounds in total.
  5. Any single handling unit within a shipment may not exceed seventy (70) pounds.

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