When Flying is Not an Option, Carlile is!

April 28, 2023

This is How We Get Hard Things Delivered.

Carlile Transportation specializes in large-scale projects that require precision and expertise. Our team of professional drivers and support staff navigate through tight timelines while ensuring the highest level of safety protocols. This includes recent work hauling and safely delivering an oversized Boeing 727 Cargo jet – an impressive operation to witness!

The transport of this aircraft was quite unique and posed some challenges we had not faced in the past.  Mostly in regard to securing the aircraft to our trailering gear so as not to inflict any damage during transport and ensure that it remained in place.  The magnitude of this move such as weight and dimensions, were well within the realm of our capabilities.  Overall, our approach from the beginning was to perform the move safely, not to harm any of the State of Alaska, Municipality of Anchorage, or Mat-Su Borough Infrastructure, and impose the least amount of impact on the traveling public.

-Andy Lewallen, Heavy Haul Project Manager

We understand that trusting a transportation provider with something as valuable and unique as an airplane is a significant decision. This airplane’s gross laden weight was 170,000 lbs. We used a prime tractor pulling Aspen dollies. Our team was comprised of five pilot and escort drivers, one driver, one support driver, one supervisor, and one mechanic.

Read more about the goals and reasoning for this airplane’s 55 miles journey from Anchorage to Big Lake, Alaska, on Alaska’s News Source.

This is the first aircraft we have transported of this size.  We have moved some military rotor-wing aircraft that are much smaller. Moves like this are rare because of their uniqueness and are always welcome to challenge our capabilities. Contact Carlile Transportation for all your oversize transportation service needs!