The 2022 Alaska Regional Wheel-O-Rama Safety Fair Recap

August 2, 2022

At Carlile, safety is our top priority: safety for everybody! We are proud participants of the 2022 Alaska Regional Wheel-O-Rama. This event allows us to educate children about the dangers and blind spots of our big trucks and trailers by showing them our trucks in a safe, controlled environment.

What Is the Alaska Regional Wheel-O-Rama Safety Fair?

This interactive and educational event drives awareness of trauma injury prevention and safety around wheeled vehicles – bicycles, cars, trucks, trailers, and more! The free event, featuring a variety of Alaska vendors and experts, has something for everyone.

Experts from around the state come together to offer their advice and expertise on car seat safety, winter driving tips, distracted driving, and more. There are also plenty of fun activities for kids, like a bike rodeo that teaches bicycle and road safety.

This Year’s Safety Fair Highlights


One popular attraction was our Carlile Transportation 18-wheeler. Kids loved exploring the big rig, measuring their height to our tires, sitting in the driver’s seat, and getting a feel for what it’s like to operate a big truck.


A.B.A.T.E. provided valuable motorcycle safety education, while the American Red Cross brought mobile educational booths related to alcohol safety, distracted driving, bike helmet safety, and more. There was also a free helmet fitting service, courtesy of the Center for Safe Alaskans.


The fan favorite is the kids’ bike safety rodeo. The rodeo helps improve young bicyclists’ understanding of bike handling, hand signaling, and overall safety. In the rodeo, Students are led through six different stations. These stations include bike and helmet checks, dodging rocks, and doing figure 8s to show that they can comfortably control their bicycles!


Kids brought in their own injured teddy bears and plush pets for repairs and healing!

Carlile’s Involvement in Alaskan Driver Safety

Carlile is a regular vendor at the Alaskan Regional Wheel-O-Rama Safety Fair. We love bringing our 18-wheelers and watching the faces of the kids while they walk around the trucks and sit in the cabs. More importantly, we love teaching people about the perils of the road and what it’s like to see the highway from the cab of a truck.

We hope to see you next year at the Wheel-O-Rama Safety Fair! Until then, stay safe out there on the roads.