A COVID-19 Conscious Company – Updates

Covid-19 UPDATES

Carlile continues to monitor news and official government guidelines related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Carlile remains fully operational and we do not expect any changes to our schedule.

Carlile’s main concern is for the safety and health of its employees, customers, and vendors.  To that end we have established business continuity plans that are in place to minimize disruption of operations and communications.  However, we realize in some cases, Carlile is one component of your supply chain and we will continue to monitor the logistics issues facing the entire marketplace and are committed to business continuity and providing safe and reliable transportation services to the State of Alaska.

If you have questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact your account executive or customer service.

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Message from Carlile President Terry Howard

Carlile president Terry Howard is confident in Alaska’s supply chain and Carlile’s ability to remain fully operational.

A COVID Conscious Company

Carlile is a COVID Conscious Company. We are doing our part to keep Alaskans safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Carlile adheres to COVID health and safety protocols and mandates. We care about our community and ask that you join us in helping to keep Alaska safe by staying home as much as possible, practicing social […]

Face Mask Policy

Carlile Face Mask Policy Carlile remains fully operational and continues to deliver while following CDC, State, and Local guidelines to keep employees, customers, and the community safe. Carlile is implementing a new face mask policy at all facilities to protect our employees and visitors: Customers and guests must wear homemade or non-medical masks when visiting […]

Anchorage Terminal Changes

Anchorage Terminal Changes Carlile’s Anchorage Terminal will implement new rules on Monday, April 6, 2020, in order to uphold social distancing and minimize traffic when customers are loading/unloading freight on the dock. Anchorage Terminal Receiving Rules Stay Near Vehicle & Call Upon Arrival – When you arrive, remain in or near your vehicle and call […]


Because Carlile provides critical transportation services for freight and cargo, we remain fully operational despite an emergency order to “hunker down” issued this evening by the Municipality of Anchorage. The order specifically exempts “trucking and shipping” operators. 


If your business is impacted by the emergency order and you are expecting a Carlile delivery, please contact customer service so we can make the necessary arrangements to complete your delivery. 

Carlile continues to monitor federal, state, and local news and guidelines related to COVID-19. We will continue to provide COVID-19 updates as needed at carliletstage.wpengine.com/covid-19-updates. 


During this challenging time Carlile recognizes that many customers have had to adjust their operations and schedules in order to safeguard their employees and comply with CDC, state, and local guidelines.

To better coordinate with customers, Carlile can make phone contact prior to deliveries to make sure they are able to receive shipments and to confirm a more specific delivery time. If this service will help, please contact customer service and we will update your delivery notifications.

Carlile is waiving the standard accessorial fees for advanced notifications and driver delays caused by the changes our customers are having to make because of the COVID-19 challenge.

Carlile remains fully operational and continues to monitor federal, state, and local updates and guidelines.

Carlile will continue to provide COVID-19 updates as needed at carliletrans.wpengine.com/covid-19-updates. 

Please contact customer service or your account executive should you have any questions. 

Customer Service
Monday – Friday, 8 am – 5 pm AST


Carlile deliveries to Alaska will NOT be impacted by the US – Canada border restrictions announced by the Federal Government today. Those restrictions only impact “non-essential” travel between the United States and Canada and does not apply to the transportation of goods and services.

Carlile remains fully operational and we continue to monitor federal, state, and local updates and guidelines.

Carlile will continue to provide COVID-19 updates as needed at carliletrans.wpengine.com/covid-19-updates.