NBRI Circle of Excellence

December 14, 2020

Carlile Wins Circle of Excellence award

Carlile Transportation has been awarded the NBRI Circle of Excellence award.

Survey results indicate significant increases in overall performance, employee experience.

The National Business Research Institute (NBRI) has awarded Carlile its NBRI Circle of Excellence Award following a recent survey of employees at the Alaska-based trucking and logistics operator. Respondents gave high marks to their Carlile employee experience overall, with the strongest rankings in the areas of safety, fair treatment, and employee loyalty or “intent to stay.”


“Our employees are a key to Carlile’s success,” said Terry Howard, Carlile President. “Regularly assessing how we are performing relative to the overall employee experience is essential and we are honored to receive this award and proud of the progress made with the help of NBRI.”

The NBRI Circle of Excellence Award recognizes organizations that place a high value on their employee and customer experiences. These organizations demonstrate their dedication by conducting best-in-class survey research with NBRI and taking action based upon the results. This prestigious award is tangible evidence of the organization’s dedication to employee and customer excellence.

“This [NBRI Circle of Excellence] award is a direct result of Carlile’s dedication to measuring and improving their Employee Experience,” said Dr. Jan G. West, Ph.D., CEO & Organizational Psychologist at NBRI. “Improvements in this area has a direct correlation to improved operations and financial results.”

Benchmarked against millions of industry scores from 10.5 billion responses in NBRI’s database, Carlile is performing at the 65th percentile of their industry (the industry average is at the 50th percentile). Best in Class organizations like Carlile continually assess their employee experience to provide focus areas for improvement including job satisfaction, management style, culture, and fairness.

NBRI Circle of Excellence

Carlile demonstrates their dedication to improving their overall employee experience by partnering with best-in-class provider NBRI to conduct research and identify action targets based upon scientific data and a proven methodology. By integrating pure, psychological research with collected and validated data, NBRI provides assessments and recommendations that Carlile can rely on to achieve targeted improvements. NBRI commends the leadership of Carlile for their commitment to continuous improvement and recognizes their achievements with this NBRI Circle of Excellence Award.

About Carlile: Carlile Transportation is celebrating its 40th anniversary as Alaska’s leading trucking and logistics provider with terminals across Alaska and in Tacoma, Houston, and Alberta. Carlile Transportation provides complete end-to-end supply chain solutions and operates its own fleet of tractor and trailer equipment shipping to and from Alaska. Its team of experts develops fully integrated logistics and transportation solutions including over-the-road, ocean, air, and rail moves that support Alaska’s businesses.

About NBRI: NBRI conducts psychological Employee, Customer, and Market Research for businesses, and uses this data to help organizations leverage these human factors to make improvements to operations and strategy. With its extensive experience across all industries, NBRI’s research teams bring their clients a combination of deep industry knowledge and expert advice. NBRI’s mission is to help their Clients set new standards of excellence in their industries. NBRI product offerings, such as Benchmarking and deep, inferential analyses like Random Forest with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, ensures their clients will focus on the most impactful issues.

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